About us

ArqBravo Group currently has more than 700 investors and entrepreneurs from 20 countries.


We strongly believe that we need to change the way to move people, goods and data. One of our biggest challenges as a society is to drastically increase the efficiency of our transportation systems, as we can’t afford to continue our current, wasteful practices. The only way of doing this is to rethink everything, from the way we design, develop and manufacture vehicles, to the way we use them, while also creating new transportation means.
Computers have changed our world, speeding up development in almost every industry and scientific field. This trend has made technology’s growth curve exponential. We think is time to design and build vehicles as specialized mobile computers, so they can leverage the power of crowdsourced solutions or encourage people to develop more customized units, similarly to notebooks or any number of mobile devices around the world. We intend to be the suppliers of basic mobility platforms which will be able to receive updates, download apps to improve its use, get plugged into networks, participate in communities, interact with other vehicles, etc.
Owning a car is already not a priority for people aged under 25, a vehicle focused around sharing is a need currently unsatisfied.


Demand for electric vehicles is growing at important rates every year since 2012, becoming a trend that’s not only driven by the market, as there are also laws in place that enforce CO2 emission reductions which are only possible by expanding the presence of electric vehicles.
We developed a public transportation city car, with lightweight composites technology, high efficiency powertrain/batteries set and driverless technology. We united important companies and expert teams all across the US and the world, each of them contributing state-of-the-art technology on their own fields, creating a solid platform to accomplish our desired goals. We were able to reach this goal by implementing a new way of working in the industry, making in just 2 years and a with 6 million dollars, what would take others in the industry hundreds of millions and not less than 5 to 7 years.
The public presentation of a full electric city car with driverless technology in 4 to 6 months away from our funding round completion.


By uniting a highly experienced and talented team which works for the most important vehicle manufacturers in the world, and by making them part of the project, not just as service providers but as partners, creating a unique sense of ownership moving beyond a mere sum of parts. We also have a direct relationship with some strategic allies which act as more than suppliers, getting involved in decision making and long term relationships. This strategy allowed us to develop vehicles with very reduced teams, employing just 2% of the average amount of people the industry does, and for less than 2% of the cost.
By creating our Sustainable Transportation Cluster in Merced, California, we are generating an industrial model to be replicated globally with local partners which will operate business under our standards. We are already in negotiations with big investors in several countries in Latin America, Middle East and Africa, all of which will contribute to a much faster global expansion. The incentive packages available provide us with good EBITDA levels, allowing us to lead innovation, research and development efforts to maintain the company as an innovation leader in the field.
By presenting the first driverless-ready production vehicle of the world, we intend create an impact which will allow us to pursue our higher objectives of actually providing of a new generation of vehicles designed and developed for the future of transportation.

Who are we?